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tv   Journal  LINKTV  July 10, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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journal coming to live from berlin. >> good to have you with us. >> enough is enough -- germany tells a top u.s. spy to leave the country. we'll have coverage in berlin and washington. >> israel and hamas trade rocket attacks were a fourth day. we'll go live to jerusalem and ask what's the endgame for israel. >> argentina fans celebrate their teams advance to the world cup final after a nailbiting victory over the netherlands.
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>> we start in germany where a top u.s. by has been ordered to leave the country. the government in berlin says the decision is linked to the growing nsa spying scandal. >> this is the latest twist in an espionage drama that has soured u.s. german relations. angela merkel again told the united states today that trust was crucial between the two allies. >> it appears berlin is upping the ante after uncovering two suspected double agents in germany working for the u.s. >> angry politicians from across the spectrum are demanding action now. >> the intelligence officer was asked to vacate the u.s. embassy and leave the country. it is a big step for germany which is increasingly fed up with washington's failure to cooperate in its probe into nsa spying.
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berlin has struck a new town with ministers in the chancellor's government using words like stupidity and ridiculous. angela merkel herself him and not usually one for strong statements, was quite clear. >> the way i see it, if you consider this with a healthy dose of common sense, it is a waste of energy to spy on one's allies. i think the important thing is to create trust between allies, especially in these confusing times. >> there has been continued silence from the u.s. and angered germany the most, especially amid allegations of double agents spying for washington. politicians from all sides are supporting the decision to expel the intelligence official. >> i think this is the correct
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reaction, considering we have been asking the americans may questions for more than year and haven't got any answers. >> if the german government means to reestablish trust, then it must ensure at the highest levels that the u.s.'s silence in response to these allegations comes to an end. >> berlin's patients with the u.s. is wearing thin, despite close ties between the nations, it appears restoring diplomatic trust is a long way off. >> let's crossover to washington dc where we are joined by our colleague, richard walker. the u.s. embassy in berlin has refused to comment on the move against its top u.s. intelligence official. any reaction where you are? >> pretty much the same picture here. the white house also sticking to its familiar formula that it cannot speak on intelligence matters of stop but behind the
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scenes, we are hearing from an analyst close to the administration that they are quite taken aback by this action taken by the merkel government. and it is pushing the story up the agenda here at a time when there are many other crises around the world and domestically facing the obama administration. there is a sense that a debate is beginning to unfold. one senior policy analyst said a deputy secretary of criticize them for not removing this cia station chief before this happened. >> this move does represent action. it is getting into the news, but will it change anything? >> that is the question will stop it depends on just how my pressure germany is willing to apply. until now, it has stuck simply to expressions of outrage.
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we've certainly heard 20 of them in washington on wednesday, when we accompanied a group of quite senior german lawmakers ron washington who were telling anyone who would listen in congress and the government how angry and disappointed they were. yet by their own admission, they returned to berlin and he handed. this does take matters to the next level. we are hearing the foreign minister has postponed a lan trip to washington meant to take late next week. although no explicit link has been drawn between that and what has been going on, it is a sign that germany is prepared to take action that seems to speak louder than words. but doesn't amount to serious leverage? the merkel government has been unwilling to link this to the transatlantic trade negotiations that have an going on. it's important to say they see the u.s. relationship is a good.
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is the merkel government prepared to take this yet another step to apply even more pressure? because this is the first real escalation on berlin's side, it will be interesting to see how the obama administration reacts in the next two days. >> we want to pull in someone now who is familiar with the halls of government in berlin and washington. a familiar face here on dw as well. you were the coordinator for north american and german relations for pretty much the first decade of the century. let's talk about what happened today. germany asking a top u.s. spy to leave the country. was that necessary? >> seeing with german eyes, it's unavoidable. it's a clear signal that this protest against what's happening in germany, where the responsibility lies with the
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u.s. government. most germans have the impression that americans don't understand why germans are so angry. i understand, because i understand american political culture, that americans understand it because in the u.s., the political atmosphere and political culture, it's much more accepted than germany. you assume you have the right to spy, not legally, but politically. you assume we are spying on you or trying to. we think one should not spy. this is something americans have not grasped. >> is the ball now in washington's court? >> we are interested in close
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cooperation between the government and the people. and between intelligence services. it's in our interest, in the u.s. interest, therefore we want to continue that. but we have lost trust. many germans have lost trust. they want to try to prove -- try to repair this element of trust. my experience is it's very difficult to change u.s. behavior in this context. >> before we run out of time, are you worried about the signals you get from washington? the president seems to be of the loop when it comes to the activities of u.s. intelligence agencies. >> we have a standing on the board over several months and many people in the u.s. have not understood the german sensitivities.
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when they warn germany as an ally, they have to understand in the sphere of data protection, not only because of history, but we are much more sensitive and we are especially sensitive where we get the impression the american government is treating us like russia or china. >> as always, thank you for coming in and giving us your insights. in other news, israel and the palestinians trade accusations today at an emergency meeting of the un security council. israel says hamas is using civilians as human shields against aerial bombardment. the palestinians say israel's military is guilty of terrorizing and killing innocent civilians. on the ground on both sides of the border, attacks continued. >> israel has deployed artillery and tanks along the border with gaza and has mobilized reservists.
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reports say it includes an army brigade involved in the 2008 incursion in the gaza strip. on thursday morning, israel's iron dome missile-defense system intercept and a palestinian rocket over tel aviv. later, the system intercepted two more rockets over jerusalem. others fell on unpopulated areas. for residents, it is a time of uncertainty and fear. the israeli military says hundreds of rockets have been launched since tuesday. at the united nations, secretary-general ban ki-moon urged both sides to end the violence. but such attacks are unacceptable and must stop. i also urge the prime minister netanyahu to exercise maximum restraint.
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>> israel says it struck over 800 sites in gaza since the operation began three days ago will stop their focusing on titles and rocket launch sites. palestinian sources say dozens have been killed, mostly civilians. on thursday night, at least eight people were killed and 15 injured when a caffeine a -- when a café was hit. locals say they have gathered there to watch the world cup semifinal. the intense israeli air assault has not halted the rocket attacks will stop israel's president says as long as the rocket fire continues, a ground offensive cannot be ruled out. >> i'm joined now by peter lerner, a spokesman for the is he army joining me from jerusalem. thank you for joining us. there is no sign these rocket attacks are going to stop coming from gaza. when will your soldiers move on the ground into gaza?
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>> thank you very much. the situation here is grave. today, we had rockets launched at the capital. this is unacceptable and unbearable. the military is charged in defending the state of israel and what we are currently doing is a mission, primarily air force, attacking those assets that belong to the terrorist organization, hamas, and trying to deplete their rocket capabilities. we are confident we will succeed. >> are you going to be able to do that? we have a delay here. >> as for the ground force mobilization, i can say what we are doing currently is building
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are forced on the border so that they are poised and prepared in accordance with the directive. it's a huge challenge. we do not want to go into gaza. last week, we spoke openly and publicly and we were suggesting to hamas that calm would be met with calm. unfortunately, they chose a road to escalation. this is not what we wanted but we have to be prepared. >> let me ask before we run out of time, a lot of what we are seeing is it seems like a lot of what we saw in 2008, we feel like we have in here before. what is the endgame for the military? >> our job is to restore security to the state of israel. we have over 3 million israelis
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living under the threat of terrorist organizations and an internationally recognized terrorist organization under their threat. it is unacceptable. we cannot permit this to go on. you would not permit or lynn to be bombarded and expect the government not to do anything. we are doing this in a manner that will enable us to succeed in our mission with a limited impact on the civilian life in gaza. it is a huge challenge, but this is what we are committed to. >> thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us. we are going to take a break for one minute and be right back. >> we are going to have the eight on sunday's big matchup. argentina is going to be facing germany.
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>> welcome back, everyone. the islamist militant group au courant has been blamed for at least 18 attacks on civilians in nigeria and just the last couple of weeks. the group is responsible for the kidnapping of 200 schoolgirls still being held hostage. boko haram, whose name roughly translates into western education is sinful come has killed thousands in attacks in a bid to carve out an islamist state will stop >> boko haram has affected security in the entire region. >> with tension high in nigeria's northeast, checkpoints are everywhere.
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in recent years, thousands of people have been killed by boko haram militants. people living here have little trust in the police. that is what this man says. he does not want to be identified. he lives near where almost 300 schoolgirls were interested. he wants nigeria's government to negotiate with boko haram. >> if we can talk to the people, men cannot do anything about this thing. if we don't do this thing, we may lose the girls to get her. >> they believe the government has to address the economic plight. he says boko haram is exploiting the people's poverty. >> traditional security and intelligence approach is useful.
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they have to supplement economic programs and the radicalization program that counter violent extremism. the types of things that led to a significant amount of angst. >> he is proposing kind of a marshall plan for nigeria's northeast. it is among the least about areas in the country. already, high unemployment rates rising further and more than half of the population is illiterate. psychologists -- the psychologist wants to re-socialized hundreds of imprisoned militants. it is feared they could spread new hatred. she has spoken to some boko haram number sense says integrating them will take time. >> boko haram have evolved and changed her tactics. to become more like a guerrilla movement.
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if -- in columbia, it is going on 40 years. people should exercise a little patience. >> the people in the northeast are running out of patience. boko haram is holding hundreds of captives and fresh attacks are reported almost daily. >> onto economic news. thursday. some disappointing data from china. it's straight performance improvement still missed market forecast, reinforcing that beijing will have to unveil more stimulus measures to meet its 2014 growth targets. >> exports rose seven percent in june. analysts had expected a bigger jump. the data is being interpreted as evidence for our and uneven recovery.
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>> let's take a look at the market numbers. in frankfurt, the dax finished off i more than 1.5%. euro stoxx 50 finishing up and across the atlantic, the dow jones trading down by nearly half of one percent and the euro trading at one u.s. dollar 36 01. the tech giant apple can trademark its retail stores. it prevents them from copying design characteristics. >> the decision overturns a german court ruling that says there was nothing unique about apple's store design. they really do -- >> soccer news dow and the state is set for the world cup final.
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argentina will be taking on germany after they beat the netherlands and their nailbiting clash will stop >> the netherlands lost once again, dashing their dream of a first-ever world cup entry. >> for fans of argentina, it was fiesta time. >> central buenos aires -- when vast party. it was a complete contrast in and chew them. dreams of lifting the cup were dashed again. in the previous 100 20 minutes, highlights were few and far between. in the 75th minute, he could only hit the outside of the net. during extra time, one striker's shot was blocked. near the end, the winner was on
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his head and he could not finish the job. the match had no deserving winner but a viktor had to be found. so it went to penalties. the netherlands was denied him the first effort will stop leslie snyder with the third. argentina took control. moxie rodriguez to the kick. their fans believe they will go all the way and defeat germany. >> i think we will win against germany. we have a reliable keeper and that will be the key to victory. we will be word -- we will be world champions again. >> we are on our way. >> a world cup victory party in
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buenos aires? the germans have other ideas. a want one in their own capital. >> yes they do. >> for a long time, men have dominated the soccer world that a new generation of women players is trying to break down the barriers on and off the pitch all stop a new international campaign called discover football is making use of the global attention to show the world how attractive women's soccer can be. >> we met some of the campaign activists in rio. >> with a spotlight on sunday's clash between the boys from germany and argentina, something else here is clearly afoot. >> i come from nigeria. >> a flash mob of women from 12 countries gathered to play soccer. and looking to make a statement
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without words. >> we are silent and just show our cover. -many countries, women's soccer is far from expected. >> they believe i should just get married and have children and just play football. they believe i'm wasting my time. society looks at it like she is not serious. she is irresponsible. >> for these women, football is a women's game also. and copacabana beach is the perfect venue for them to make their point. it is still hard for anyone to play in brazil. women don't have places to play. but they do right here. the athletic activists inspire others to join in.
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a member of the fee for executive committee is on hand. she has an important message. >> when you ask is football as accessible to girls as it is to boys in every country of the world, the answer is no. enabling girls the opportunity to play is the first important step. >> the audience is receptive. >> we joined in to show there's a female side to soccer. it is important to point that out during the men only world cup. these champions bow to keep pressing their public awareness campaign that everybody has a right to play the beautiful game. >> to cycling and time for some toward france. it was sprint specialists andre kriebel's turn to shine. ending the 194 kilometer race
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and just over four hours. >> it rivals six career -- it was his sixth career tour de france stage victory. let's at least two people have been killed and dozens injured after torrential rains triggered landslides. one of the dead was a 12-year-old way. >> japan is being lashed by huge amounts of rain brought by the tropical storm that swept through the southern islands and has now moved to the center of the country. >> the sound like thunder, and then this. the town torn down the middle and reduced in some places to rubble. people knew the storm was coming, but they were caught off guard. >> we have been focusing our
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preparation efforts on the typhoon approaching and hitting us tomorrow. >> strong winds battered southern japan to, like here. japan possible it trains were halted and hundreds of other training flight services were canceled. the winds are easing up mama but with more wind on the way, the worry is for more landslides to come. >> that is going to wrap it up from the news desk. more news for you at the top of the hour.
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>> good evening. we begin with the latest on israel's gaza offensive. more than 30 palestinians are reported to be killed during the first day alone. until now, most of the dead have been civilians and palestinian medical sources say more than 500 have been injured. in one aerial attack on a southern gaza town of units, a people from the same people were fat -- were killed in the early hours of the morning, five of them children. the israeli defense minister said today there are long days of fighting ahead


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